Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buttermilk Raspberry Cake

Our family loves supporting local businesses. I also love for my family to be able to eat as many all natural products as possible. Lucky for us, there is a local dairy/creamery in Clermont, GA about 15 minutes from our house. Each week, I try to save $10.00 out of our grocery budget to spend on fresh lowfat milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, and eggs from this local business. On Friday, when we were out and about, we stopped by Mountain Fresh Creamery for our weekly shopping trip. After picking up our normal products, the cashier told me that they were giving away half gallon jugs of buttermilk, with any purchase because it was about to be out of date. Since I love being frugal, and especially love FREE, I took a half gallon of buttermilk and convinced myself we would figure out a way to use it.

This weekend I did a little searching for some yummy buttermilk recipes and one of the first ones to come up was this recipe for Raspeberry Buttermilk Cake. Since it was memorial day weekend I thought it would be the perfect treat, and baked up two batches over the weekend. We did add a couple of White Chocolate Chips in to batter, because I had them left over from a sale at Christmas. It turned out to be DELICIOUS, and we added a little sugar free cool whip on top and it made the perfect dessert!

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